Privacy Policy

BT7 Partners does not collect, under any hypothesis, personal data from its website users which allow said users to be identified when accessing the website. To this end, the website is accessed anonymously, and users can view all the information available without having to identify themselves. However, providers may collect generic non-personal data solely for statistical purposes.

Third-party Links & Contents

The texts and materials published on the BT7 Partners website may contain links to other websites. Given the fact that there is no relationship between BT7 Partners and websites indicated by said links, BT7 Partners does not and cannot offer any guarantees or take responsibility for these third parties observing BT7 Partners’ Privacy Policy, as well as those third parties’ own privacy policies.

Confidentiality of Client Information

BT7 Partners follows the strictest rules of client data, document and information protection, including information protected by tax confidentiality. Every program used by BT7.

Partners and our experts were chosen in order to allow such protection.

Articles & Other Publications

BT7 Partners has a wide range of articles and other useful content on our website, created by partners, directors and employees. The content is available entirely free of charge for website users, and should be considered purely informational, as opposed to tax advice or basis for personal or corporate decision-making. The information provided on the BT7 Partners website and its use shall not, under any circumstances, result in liabilities for BT7 Partners.

Messages & CVs sent via the website

BT7 Partners’ website has specific forms that allow users to send messages or professional CVs to the company. All messages sent should be addressed to the respective recipients or those in charge of the indicated area. In regard to professional CVs, those shall be forwarded to the company’s Personnel Department and shall be available to the company’s professionals. All of the information and documents received will not be shared with third parties.

BT7 Partners Intellectual Property

The website content (text, animations, illustrations, logos) is protected by intellectual property laws and has all exploitation rights reserved to BT7 Partners. When users access BT7 Partners’ website, they expressly agree to respect such rights, refraining from any unauthorized use of said content.

The improper use of the material in BT7 Partners’ website, including content available in the “Articles & Publications” section, may constitute a violation of copyright laws. The website content may not be reproduced (in printed or electronic form) or published (in printed or electronic form) without prior express authorization from BT7 Partners, the only exceptions being those provided in the legislation of the jurisdictions where BT7 Partners operates or may operate directly.