Our Services

BT7 Partners is a Consulting company focused on tailor-made tax and business strategies, assisting its clients in dealing with complex cross-border operational and investment scenarios.

Our main four service lines are as follows:

International Tax Consulting

BT7 Partners’ Tax Consulting Department assist our clients in a variety of ways analyzing the applicable tax aspects regarding their projects, allowing these clients to get a better and bigger picture about the respective opportunities and risks for a quicker decision-making process. Our professionals can exceed the clients’ expectations when dealing with:

  • Tax planning strategies regarding complex corporate restructuring procedures (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, split-offs, joint ventures and liquidation);
  • Tax planning strategies regarding cross-border cultural, artistic and sporting events, including philanthropic ones;
  • Tax structuring regarding cross-border project financing, including the analysis of complex structures to accommodate investors and financial institutions located in different jurisdictions;
  • Tax-efficient strategies regarding Estate Planning for families with members domiciled in different jurisdictions (involving Trust, Foundations, Usufruct, Joint Tenancy, etc.) so the families can assure an expedite and cost-effective wealth management and succession;
  • Tax planning strategies regarding cross-border financial investments;
  • Pre and Post-Immigration tax planning, including the analysis of complex scenarios whereby an individual is regarded as a dual tax resident and also the analysis regarding special tax regimes/exemptions;
  • Tax-efficient Supply Chain Management;
  • Support services regarding tax audits;
  • Tax advice on Double Tax Treaties to optimize cross-border transactions regarding the cross-border provision of services, royalties and interest payments, dividend distributions, capital gain allocation, permanent establishment issues, gifts/inheritance and the application of the tie-breaker rules to determine the taxpayer’s residency under the applicable treaties;
  • Tax advice regarding import and export transactions;
  • Tax advice regarding Transfer Pricing, Thin Capitalization, CFC and PFIC rules.

Tax Compliance & Bookkeeping

BT7 Partners’ Tax Compliance Department assist our clients in a variety of issues so they can assure full compliance with the applicable tax filing requirements in each jurisdiction. To this end, our professionals can exceed the clients’ expectations when dealing with the following issues:

  • Preparing complex Individual Income Tax Returns pursuant to the applicable Brazilian and the U.S. regulations;
  • Preparing complex Business Income Tax Returns pursuant to the applicable Brazilian and the U.S. regulations;
  • Preparing the Brazilian Central Bank’s Return (CBE) to report foreign assets held by individuals and corporations based in Brazil;
  • Preparing Forms W-8 and W-9 to individuals and entities doing business in and with the U.S.;
  • Preparing the Exit Tax Return for individuals moving out of Brazil;
  • Tax accounting and bookkeeping to comply with the IRS’ filing requirements in each Fiscal Year.

Entity Formation

Further, BT7 Partners’ tax compliance team assist our clients in forming entities in several jurisdictions, such as:

  • United States of America and Canada;
  • Europe;
  • Latin America and the Caribbean;
  • Middle East.

Business Advisory


BT7 Partners’ Business Advisory Department assist our clients to define the most suitable and efficient strategies to be implement so their business can thrive in the U.S. By means of these strategies our clients have been able to achieve optimal results, overcoming the most unusual adversities in order to meet their goals. Our professionals shall be able to assist you and your company with the following issues:

  • Strategic Business Planning regarding the definition of the company’s mission, vision and values, including KPI issues;
  • Sustainability Strategies, including the analysis of external funding options available for Green Businesses;
  • Business restructuring strategies regarding Corporate Governance, Cost Structure Review, roles and responsibilities redefinition, organizational structure optimization and the design of new interfaces with clients, suppliers and stakeholders;
  • Business Process Design including the process workflow, RACI matrix and KPIs;
  • Business model proposition, market analysis and research, service and product line description and also value proposition.