International Tax Consulting

BT7 Partners’ Tax Consulting Department assist our clients in a variety of ways analyzing the applicable tax aspects regarding their projects, allowing these clients to get a better and bigger picture about the respective opportunities and risks for a quicker decision-making process. Our professionals can exceed the clients’ expectations when dealing with:

  • Tax planning strategies regarding complex corporate restructuring procedures (mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, split-offs, joint ventures and liquidation);
  • Tax planning strategies regarding cross-border cultural, artistic and sporting events, including philanthropic ones;
  • Tax structuring regarding cross-border project financing, including the analysis of complex structures to accommodate investors and financial institutions located in different jurisdictions;
  • Tax-efficient strategies regarding Estate Planning for families with members domiciled in different jurisdictions (involving Trust, Foundations, Usufruct, Joint Tenancy, etc.) so the families can assure an expedite and cost-effective wealth management and succession;
  • Tax planning strategies regarding cross-border financial investments;
  • Pre and Post-Immigration tax planning, including the analysis of complex scenarios whereby an individual is regarded as a dual tax resident and also the analysis regarding special tax regimes/exemptions;
  • Tax-efficient Supply Chain Management;
  • Support services regarding tax audits;
  • Tax advice on Double Tax Treaties to optimize cross-border transactions regarding the cross-border provision of services, royalties and interest payments, dividend distributions, capital gain allocation, permanent establishment issues, gifts/inheritance and the application of the tie-breaker rules to determine the taxpayer’s residency under the applicable treaties;
  • Tax advice regarding import and export transactions;
  • Tax advice regarding Transfer Pricing, Thin Capitalization, CFC and PFIC rules.