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We provide international, tax, merger & acquisition, and commercial consultancy for you and/or your company.

Research and obtaining licenses

Support for registering brands and patents in the United States.

Taxes and Accounting

Support for starting legal entities in the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean and Asia.

About us

BT7 Partners is a company that started from the daily experience with Brazilian and Latin American clients interested in immigrating, doing business or investing in the USA.

Thousands of people with one dream in common: new opportunities on the personal, family and professional levels. To build or to start creating a new life.

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Tax Update - United States
The IRS has issued guidance on the requirement to report Gig Economy Income in individual income tax returns.

Tax Update - Uruguay
The government expanded the promotional regime for construction activities regarded as 'great economic dimension projects'

Tax Update - Belgium
The Government has announced the temporary suspension of the collection of debts of companies that were financially healthy prior to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis

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