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We provide international, tax, merger & acquisition, and commercial consultancy for you and/or your company.

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Support for registering brands and patents in the United States.

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Support for starting legal entities in the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean and Asia.

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BT7 Partners is a company that started from the daily experience with Brazilian and Latin American clients interested in immigrating, doing business or investing in the USA.

Thousands of people with one dream in common: new opportunities on the personal, family and professional levels. To build or to start creating a new life.

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Tax Update - Uruguay
It has been updated the list of 'Low' or 'No Tax' Jurisdictions for FY 2021. The list is used for Transfer Pricing purposes and also to determine whether non-residents are subject to higher withholding income tax rates.

Tax Update - United States
The IRS announced that the 2021 Tax Season shall start on Friday (February 12th) when it shall begin accepting and processing the Income Tax Returns related to FY 2020.

Tax Update - United States
California proposes an elective Pass-Through Entity-Level tax. If this PTE tax is adopted, it shall enable California taxpayers who are owners of these entities to deduct, for federal income tax purposes, SALT taxes that exceed the $10k limitation.

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