What we DON’T do

BT7 Partners does not provide services of legal nature, including but not limited to creating and reviewing contracts and other legal documents. In addition, the company does not act as a client’s legal representative in courts or other public agencies.

The legal services that may be needed by BT7 Partners clients are provided directly by attorneys who are licensed in the respective jurisdictions, and who are hired and paid for by clients directly. BT7 Partners does not interfere in any way in the provision of such legal services.

BT7 Partners does not take part in the financial transactions carried out by its clients, included but not limited to exchange operations and transfer of funds, such transactions being carried out directly by clients with the financial institutions that are duly licensed in each jurisdiction.

Area restricted to clients

BT7 Partners reserves the right to develop special services for its clients via the restricted area of its website. Such services shall be regulated by clients signing a specific term or by signing the respective services proposal (Engagement Letters).

Confidentiality of Client Information

BT7 Partners follows the strictest rules of client data, document and information protection, including information protected by tax confidentiality. Every program used by BT7 Partners and our experts were chosen in order to allow such protection.

BT7 Partners Intellectual Property

The website content (text, animations, illustrations, logos) is protected by intellectual property laws and has all exploitation rights reserved to BT7 Partners. When users access BT7 Partners’ website, they expressly agree to respect such rights, refraining from any unauthorized use of said content.

The improper use of the material in BT7 Partners’ website, including content made available in the “Articles & Publications” section, may constitute a violation of copyright laws. The website content may not be reproduced (in printed or electronic form) or published (in printed or electronic form) without prior express authorization from BT7 Partners, the only exceptions being those provided in the legislation of the jurisdictions where BT7 Partners operates or may operate directly.