Business Consultancy


For individuals and legal entities involving issues related to several jurisdictions, including the United States, Brazil and Portugal (European Union), aiming to present more efficient tax solutions in scenarios of great operational and financial complexity

TAXES Involving Pre- and Post-Immigration Tax Planning, aiming to optimize the fiscal load of individuals in a scenario of double, triple or multiple fiscal residency


Including cross-border processes, aiming to present clients with the most efficient tax strategies to conclude transactions


Assistance in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions for the search for buyers, sellers and/or investors for your business in the United States and in Brazil, including assistance in creating the respective reports for presenting the business, sale proposals, as well as negotiating the respective terms, conditions and prices/values from the commercial/transactional viewpoint


Research and obtaining licenses

Support for patent and trademark registration in the United States.

Taxes and Accounting

Support for creating legal entities in the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia.
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