Transforming the American dream into a project

BT7 Partners is a company that started from the daily experience with Brazilian and Latin American clients interested in immigrating, doing business or investing in the United States.

Thousands of people with one dream in common: to have new personal, family or professional opportunities. To build or to start creating a new life.

Most people have a dream, but, under risk of failure, they need to transform it into a project that takes into account the differences between the two countries, that thinks and plans for every change – from the children’s school to real estate, from the tax situation to the fate of companies or investments, from health insurance to opening credit.

With great respect to the legislation and the best rules of compliance, we receive clients, analyze the tax situation of their businesses, themselves and their family interests. We transform it into fiscal and business planning. We take the necessary steps and measures to implement the project – creating or modifying company structures, operating alongside authorities from both countries to take the necessary legal actions. We do this directly, with our tax and business specialists. Or with our partners, legally licensed to perform specific activities.